Hier vinden jullie mijn Bucketlist, per categorie. Als ik iets heb uitgevoerd, wordt het doorstreept. Als er een artikel van verschijnt, kunnen jullie klikken op het onderwerp. Have fun :)!


  • Eat only fruit for an entire month
  • Stop eating fast food for at least a month
  • Bake a rainbow cake
  • Eat a cake without using my hands
  • Have someone make me breakfast in bed
  • Make home made jam
  • Get chocolate wasted
  • Eat enoug skittles to taste the rainbow
  • Eat KFC in Kentucky
  • Make smores around a fire
  • Try a pint of butterbeer
  • Eat healthier
  • Eat a real Krabby Patty
  • Eat macarons from ladurée
  • Walk trough a drive-thru
  • Cook everything in the unofficial Harry Potter cookbook
  • Make breakfast for my love every morning once we live together
  • Try fried ice-cream
  • Trow a pizza trough the air like a frisbee
  • Learn how to tie a know in a cherry stem using my tongue
  • Put together a family cookbook
  • Eat at the Hello Kitty cafe
  • Have a whipped cream fight
  • Start eating breakfast every day
  • Make a fruit bouquet
  • Eat at le jules verne
  • Eat a whole role of hubba Bubble Gum at one time
  • Eat a square watermelon
  • Eat belgian waffles in Belgium
  • Make Skittles vodka
  • Bake perfect chocolat eclairs
  • Make Minnie Mouse cupcakes
  • Smash a pie in someone’s face
  • Make vanilla pudding, put in mayonnaise jar and eat in public
  • Try vodka gummy bears
  • Make Jello-oranges

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